Friday, August 27, 2010

This is William. Yesterday William was doing his phonics, it had him read a little story about a fat cat and a fat rat. He read about how they sat and sat and sat. He was so happy to read. He did so well. My mom was very happy for him, so my mom took him to go get a snow cone. I was happy too, I think william is going to be a good reader.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Harriet Tubman

I wrote this for school, my mommy typed it on here for me.

Harriet Tubman, which wasn't her real name. Her real name was Araminta Tubman. Some people called her Mosses, because she led people to freedom. Her family called her Minty. When she grew up, she changed her name to Harriet. That was her mother's name. When Minty was a slave, her master told her to serve dinner. She accidentally knocked over the cider. Her master said she would have to be a field slave. It was harder to be a field slave. She worked for a while and she kept on looking for a place to run away. Finally, she ran away and she followed the North Star. When she reached the north she was free but she was still sad because she missed her family. She went back to the south 19 times and led 300 slaves to freedom, with the underground railroad. When the Civil War began, Minty helped the Northern Army. When the war ended, she went back to New York. She made a home for the homeless African American people. She died on March 10, 1913. She was 93 years old.

  • The underground railroad, was not a real railroad and it was not under the ground. It was several houses, and the people who lived in them were against slavery. They wanted to help the runaway slaves. They hid the slaves in their houses. Sometimes they would have the slaves clean, because others would think that they were their slaves. The slaves would go house to house until they got to the north.